Technical Diploma

The technical degree work represents the most difficult degree project, the purpose of which is to systematize the knowledge gained over the years of training, to consolidate and deepen them, by solving a certain technical or production problem. The content of the diploma project includes a technical assignment, including graphic material and an explanatory note.

In recent years, students of technical universities are trying to present graphic material in the form of a slide show presentation, designed to protect the thesis project. Data for the presentation they receive as a result of painstaking work on the drawing up of professional drawings in engineering software for design, such as Kompas-3D, SolidEdge, AutoCAD and many others, mastering graphics programs to create high-quality illustrations and office applications to obtain accurate graphs of the dynamics of the data conducted research.

In some technical universities, an abstract that is part of the structure of a computational and explanatory note, as decided by the department, is written not only in Russian, but also in a foreign language. In such cases, English is usually used, which is international.

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For admission to the protection of a technical diploma, it is necessary to fill out a number of documents, which include a certificate of the student’s progress with conclusions about the thesis project of his supervisor and department. It is also necessary to correctly create a task to perform work with a list of input data, a feasibility study, a description of the research and organizational and economic parts, structural and working design.

The registration of a technical diploma project includes the compilation of a computational and explanatory note and work on graphic material. It’s worthwhile to work on the project’s schedule plan, which prescribes the stages of work, their duration and the amount of work performed.

All this, especially writing an explanatory note and creating graphic material, takes a lot of time and energy from students. Often, future graduates need the qualified support of specialists working on the implementation of technical diplomas to order. The main thing in this case is to seek help on time to carry out the project at the time specified by its supervisor.