How to make a plan (content) of the thesis / course work?

As a rule, the content of the thesis is compiled jointly with the scientific supervisor. Once you have (chosen) the topic of the thesis, approach your supervisor and ask for help in drafting the content. The main thing is to come up in advance, while a person is not loaded with checking drafts of diplomas.

Content of the thesis

If the manager refuses to do this, then do not give up! Immediately ask to consider the content you have prepared in advance and approve it, or help redo it! And after that you can start writing a thesis!

But if your supervisor refused to do it, said: “Go and write it yourself, then I’ll check everything at once,” then do not be discouraged, because it happens in 70% of cases. Nobody wants to “strain your brains” once again, especially if they are already loaded. Well, we are stubborn! We will write the thesis work ourselves! Then we come to plan B!

Plan B. Take a few textbooks that discuss your topic. As a rule, this is a separate chapter in the textbook, consisting of several paragraphs. Compare how they treat the topic of your thesis, analyze all the points – make up on this basis one whole, wherever you could fit everything. That is, “blinding” of this content. Either take the most liked scheme to consider your topic. You can also use methodical recommendations on writing the thesis papers. If you write a diploma in jurisprudence, then you can use the articles of the normative act.

Also, one must bear in mind that any degree work can be conditionally divided into the GENERAL and SPECIAL parts. In the general part, the concept of ___, the general characteristic ___, the attributes ___, the value of ___, the structure of ____, etc. are usually considered, in general, that is, here we write general theoretical questions. In a special part, the problems of the relations under consideration are considered. For example: factors ___, measures ___, purpose ___, types ___, etc.

90% of teachers want to see a symmetrical diploma project! What does it mean? The plan of the thesis must be symmetrical. Consider the example. You have 2 chapters. Each chapter has two paragraphs. Some teachers believe that the thesis, in which a minimum of 3 chapters can (in the absence of shortcomings), can count on an assessment of “excellent.” Therefore, please specify if your supervisor has such prejudices. If there is, make a plan, taking this aspect into account.