How to write an essay fast

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Essays is a special genre of writing where author reflects on what he has seen, heard, experienced or read. The first thing, which plays a huge role in an essay, is author’s own personality. For example, his feelings, thoughts and experiences. You may encounter with the writing of an essay in many educational programs. That is why it is important for any person to be able to write a work qualitatively and correctly. In order to write an essay correctly, you can use the following tips.

First of all, the author must put a certain problem in front of which further considerations will be made. It is important to remember, that as clearer problem will be, as easier it will be to find the material for it. In addition, as more exciting angle you will find, as more dynamic and interesting your essay will be written.

When you discuss the problem you have taken, you have to use different proofs. There are two types of them – qualitative and quantitative. In the first case, the thesis you put up must be confirmed by two or three significant and strong arguments. And in the second case – the thesis is argued by the mass of various examples, in this case the proof you have written will be comprehensive.

Virtually every essay must follow a certain logical strategy: Thesis-Antithesis-Synthesis. For example, at the beginning of your work, you give some apparent assertion, and then you oppose it to one more (antithesis). Such a clash of opinions in any case will be interesting for a reader. You can find an answer to the question “which of the theses is true?” in several ways. You can compare each thesis and, finally, conclude which one is correct. Or, you can combine them into the third, the most common.

Also, do not forget that a properly written essay requires a variety of rhetorical techniques. It is recommended to use antithesis, rhetorical questions, exclamations. In any case, by using these techniques, you significantly increase the impact on the reader. But you need to use them as accurately as possible.

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